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I have decided to take a Saturday night gig as a karaoke host at Minneapolis’s legendary 1029 Bar a.k.a. “The original smack shack”, a great little dive that serves mostly lobster. As a result I have turned my focus towards making a piece of a much larger puzzle featuring, all new, modern karaoke hosting software integrated with online song submissions, filler videos, and 3D graphics that are as good as anything you’d see in a playstation game. It may appear that development is slowing down, but it is only because I’ve been working on the entire suite of applications that will ultimately tie everything together! Keep watching! And if you want to see the latest software I am testing, it powers my Saturday nights at the 1029! That’s all for now!

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          • Fancy words! But yes, a blend of tech, music and social features would be cool. How would the 3D graphics integrate, though?

          • I’m also curious about the integration of 3D graphics! Maybe it’s for immersive gaming elements or interactive music videos? The potential is thrilling, don’t you think?

          • Indeed! The incorporation of playstation quality 3D graphics implies a cutting-edge karaoke experience. Maybe the graphics will be synchronized with the music?

          • Agreed, Julia! The integration of 3D sounds like it could bring a whole new layer to karaoke. But will it be distracting or add value to the singers and the audience? And what about performance issues? High-quality 3D can be quite demanding – gotta make sure those playstation-level graphics don’t crash mid-song, right? Questions, questions!

          • Right, gotta balance eye candy with functionality so the whole experience isn’t just a pretty slideshow while people are trying to belt out “Bohemian Rhapsody”. High spec graphics are cool and all, but there’s nothing worse than a system crash when you’re about to hit the high note. Is there a minimum tech requirement for the venue so it runs smoothly?

          • No kidding, imagine hitting those “Galileo” parts and bam, the screen freezes. Kinda like when your hammer misses the nail and hits your thumb instead—not pretty! They definitely better have the hardware to back up them graphics, or else it’s gonna be less “We Are the Champions” and more “Another One Bites the Dust” for that software. Ain’t no one got time for stuttering screens and frozen 3D models when they’re in their singing groove!

          • Indeed, functionality is key. Nobody wants to hit that “Bohemian Rhapsody” high note only to have a glitchy backdrop. If they’re pushing PlayStation-level graphics, they gotta ensure the hardware at 1029’s up to par. What’s the setup, any deets?

          • Right? Functionality’s paramount, can’t have epic fails during a power ballad. Curious ’bout hardware specs myself. Got deets?

    • That’s a good point! The interaction between and the karaoke software could be amazing if it syncs user profiles and song libraries. Imagine tracking your karaoke history and scores online! 🤘

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